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RIAALAW and Barker Gillette LLP merge to give global reach

The formation of RIAA Barker Gillette ushers in a whole new era for both firms.

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All the Latest News from RIAA Barker Gillette USA

Highlights of RIAA Barker Gillette (USA) and “The Immigrant Success Story: How Family-Based Immigrants Thrive in America” by AILA

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EB1 Green Card via an L1A

EB1 Multinational Manager/Executive Green Card via an L1A Intracompany Transfer Visa

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Review of “The Immigrant Success Story”

Review of The American Immigration Council’s Special Report, “The Immigrant Success Story: How Family-Based Immigrants Thrive in America,” by Harriet Duleep, Ph.D, Mark Regets, Ph.D. and Guillermo Cantor, Ph.D.

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Immigration Changes and You

A summary of the policy report titled, “Deconstructing the Invisible Wall: How Policy Changes by the Trump Administration Are Slowing and Restricting Legal Immigration”, published by the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and an outline of the ways in which the policy changes may affect you as you go through the immigration process.

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Tax Challenges Faced by Pakistani Governments

Increasing tax revenues has proven to be a significant challenge for recent Pakistani governments. The stagnation of the tax to GDP ratio to around 10 percent has widely been attributed to a host of inter-connected factors including weak enforcement, fragmented revenue administrations, low compliance by taxpayers, generous and distortionary exemptions and concessions to entire sectors of the economy and narrow tax bases.

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President Trump’s Potential Impact on Immigration

We outline how the Trump administration and a Republican-controlled Congress could impact the current American immigration structure.

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