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Equality takes centre stage for employers

The #TimesUp campaign has captured headlines with its push for greater diversity and equality in Hollywood and the entertainment sector, but these shifting attitudes are mirrored in legislative changes in the UK which will affect employers in the coming months.

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Soaring fees set deadline for executors and estate planning

Controversial court fees which have been branded a stealth tax on bereaved families are expected to prompt a surge in probate applications before the hike hits. The new banded fee structure will see the cost of probate soar by thousands of pounds for higher value estates.

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Brexit and employment law

Whichever side of the Brexit fence you sit on, there is no doubt that Brexit has the potential for far reaching implications for the UK.

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Parental bereavement (leave and pay)

On 13 September 2018, a new workplace right to paid leave for bereaved parents was implemented.

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Landlords face tough new regime for tenant protection

Landlords could face high fines if they are not up to date with the latest legislation designed to protect tenants.

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Red flag for employers

Who’s who on the payroll is an ongoing challenge for employers in the run up to new payslip requirements

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Misbehaviour at the office Christmas party?

Litigation involving the antics of misbehaving employees at the office Christmas party have not only shown that sometimes fact is stranger than fiction, but that on occasion the long-awaited Christmas party can go badly wrong.

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Millennials moving away from marriage

There has been a spate of recent media articles highlighting the numbers of young people in their 20s and 30s staying away from marriage, either entirely or until later life.

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Caste discrimination at work

Caste is not currently one of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 and therefore caste discrimination is not explicitly prohibited.

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When the end of summer spells the end of a marriage

Lawyers often talk about ‘divorce day’ in January and report a similar surge when summer holidays are over. Research* looking at the timing of divorce petitions bears this out, with peaks after the summer and winter holidays. The researchers suggest that while troubled couples may view holidays as a time to stand together for children and an opportunity to mend relationships, the reality is that proximity exacerbates tensions and may be the final straw for many.

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Too poor to retire?

Why younger generations will have to work more, save more or spend less

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Landlords must check they hit the spot with deposits

Claims for incorrectly handled property rental deposits are soaring and landlords should be alert to the danger and ensure they or their agents are complying with the legal requirements, if they want to avoid high penalties

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