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Copyright in a digital age

Though the concept of intellectual property has been around since the early 18th century, current copyright laws are struggling to catch up with digital. So, with the EU rolling out legislation that could affect how we use everything from memes to emojis, how – asks Evangelos Kyveris – can you make sure you’re using online content correctly and protecting your innovations?

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Lex Mundi Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Guide

RIAA Barker Gillette contributes to the Lex Mundi Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Guide summarizing regulatory regimes in 80 jurisdictions

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April showers employers with a raft of new legislation

Gender pay gaps, itemised payslips and what to do about working rights for EU citizens – these are some of the issues looming large for employers over the coming weeks, with April ushering in many significant dates for new and amended employment legislation.

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Why I volunteer for South West London Law Centres

Christine Slevin has specialised in employment law for many years and has a fundamental belief that employers’ rights are equal to the rights of employees.

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Qaiser’s Climbing Kilimajaro

Qaiser’s undertaking this incredible challenge in support of Mind, the Mental Health Charity.

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Chancellor puts the brakes on for Brexit

The continuing uncertainty over Brexit saw the Chancellor deliver a Spring Statement that was more holding plan than action plan.

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Nine smart ways to build staff loyalty

Managing labour turnover and retaining key staff have long presented challenges for businesses. There’s no single easy answer but, as Christine Slevin explains, an all-round approach can reap rewards.

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Employment status

Employment status is big news at the moment, with what seems to be a continuous stream of challenges questioning the status of workers and the self-employed. We’ve all heard in the press about the Deliveroo and Uber challenges, but what does this mean to the everyday Joe? Employment lawyer, Christine Slevin, takes a closer look.

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Change in divorce law looks set to stop the blame game

No-fault divorce is likely to be introduced, but professionals say fair deal on asset sharing means mediation must remain top of the agenda

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Office banter or a breach of the Equality Act 2010?

All too often, an employment lawyer hears the phrase “but it was just office banter” - usually a warning sign that something offensive has happened in the workplace. Employment lawyer, Karen Cole, explores this issue, with surprising findings.

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Safeguarding’s vital when appointing others to act

Increasing numbers of people are taking advantage of a simplified online process to make a Lasting Power of Attorney, which enables others to manage their affairs if they become unable to do so themselves, but alongside there is a surge in reports of abuse by attorneys. “It’s important to get guidance and set safeguards in place when permitting others to manage your affairs.” says private client specialist, James McMullan who explains how the process works and the ways in which you can protect yourself.

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What lies beneath…

If you’re investing in or developing property, be aware that any mines and minerals beneath the surface could be owned by someone else.

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