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Bump in the night for Airbnb landlords

Rule changes on short term lets could see part-time landlords hit by a new tax bill from next year if they let out their whole property.

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Oral modification of contracts

In a recent seminal case, the Supreme Court held that a “no oral modification” clause was legally effective

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Divorcing couples must be prudent in managing their settlement proceeds

The Supreme Court issues a further warning

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The rise in Employment Tribunal claim notifications

The rise is undoubtedly linked to the Supreme Court’s decision last year to scrap Employment Tribunal fees

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Owens v Owens

Will Parliament reconsider our antiquated divorce laws?

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Help us to support the Brompton Fountain

This July RIAA Barker Gillette will be taking part in the LawNet "Yorkshire Three Peaks" Challenge

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Islamic Wills in England and Wales

Sharia law sets out strict rules that determine how an individual’s assets are administered upon death.

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Tracking your digital worth for the next generation

The value of our online lives is worth billions of pounds but many of these assets may never be passed on, as people are failing to record their digital worth.

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Cohabitant agreements: giving unmarried couples rights

It is an unfair fact of life, but in the eyes of the law a married couple has far more protection than a cohabiting, unmarried partnership.

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Understanding leasehold property

To make your home your castle, be sure who owns the drawbridge...

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Voluntary workers

Their rights and your responsibilities as an employer

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Dealing with employee theft

Suspicion is one thing. Solid facts are another.

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