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Chancellor’s anti-austerity spending spree has few surprises

An anti-austerity package of £30 billion of government spending was announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, drawing on improved public finance projections to support a range of new initiatives

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Divorce goes virtual, but complex cases will keep their day in court

A new online service should cut the stress of applying for a divorce according to the Ministry of Justice, but family law professionals say it’s likely to benefit only those with simple finances who are pursuing the DIY route

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The Employment Tribunal Strikes Back

A pilot who provided a fake reference from a Star Wars villain has been ordered to repay his training costs

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Overseas Entities: Public Beneficial Ownership Register

From 2021 overseas entities will be required to register with Companies House before they can be registered as the legal owner of UK land.

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Bump in the night for Airbnb landlords

Rule changes on short term lets could see part-time landlords hit by a new tax bill from next year if they let out their whole property.

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Oral modification of contracts

In a recent seminal case, the Supreme Court held that a “no oral modification” clause was legally effective

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Landlords must check they hit the spot with deposits

Claims for incorrectly handled property rental deposits are soaring and landlords should be alert to the danger and ensure they or their agents are complying with the legal requirements, if they want to avoid high penalties

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The hidden disability: when mental health affects employee wellbeing

Last week’s World Mental Health Day, acts as a good reminder for employers to revisit their policy and culture to see if they match up to best practice

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ACAS guidance on employment references

Coinciding with the Employment Tribunal’s recent decision in the case of Francis-McGann v West Atlantic UK Limited, where an employee faked a reference using the name of a Star Wars villain (read our article The Employment Tribunal Strikes Back), ACAS has released new guidance on employment references.

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Employee data subject access requests

An individual’s right of access to data which is collected about them is set out in the new Data Protection Act 2018.

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Islamic Wills in England and Wales

Sharia law sets out strict rules that determine how an individual’s assets are administered upon death.

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Tracking your digital worth for the next generation

The value of our online lives is worth billions of pounds but many of these assets may never be passed on, as people are failing to record their digital worth.

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