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Supreme Court rule Employment Tribunal fees are unlawful

UNISON sought judicial review of the Fees Order because it unlawfully prevents/restricts access to justice.

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Good intentions not enough in wage calculations

Accurate calculations of the National Minimum Wage continue to cause headaches for employers, with an employment tribunal acknowledging the complexity, saying there is no single key to unlock every case.

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Whistleblowing and the Public Interest Test

On 10 July 2017, in the case of Chesterton Global Ltd (t/a Chestertons) & Anor v Nurmohamed, the Court of Appeal reached a decision after considering the meaning of the words ‘in the public interest’.

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New deadlines for changes in company ownership

Businesses have new deadlines to comply with regulations around transparency of ownership under the so-called ‘PSC’ regime.

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Time to get excited?

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The Bartlett Summer Show 2017

Once again, RIAA Barker Gillette are proud to support The Bartlett School of Architecture, (UCL)'s Summer Show, showcasing work from UG4.

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Stripping it back to understand dress codes

This summer has seen dress codes being re-written by Royalty, MPs and now the Anglican church, leaving many wondering where they stand in the workplace.

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Full Disclosure

Standard property enquiries seem to get longer and longer and providing replies can be an onerous task.

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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

While pre-nuptial agreements are becoming more and more popular, many still see them as cynical and unromantic. After all, why would you want to marry someone if you thought you might break up with them? However, it may be worth thinking of a pre-nuptial agreement as an “insurance policy” rather than a “break-up agreement”.

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Airbnb + Extra space = additional income

Simple. Or is it?

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What does dismissal for SOSR mean?

“Some other substantial reason”

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Zero-hours contracts: many questions

Businesses are increasingly using non-standard contracts to add more flexibility to their workforce. But, with recent regulations seeking to make sure zero-hours contracts are fair, what do businesses need to look out for?

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