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Wanted: Family law assistant solicitor

We are seeking a family law assistant solicitor to join our private client team. The successful candidate will assist with the team’s current workload as well as having the opportunity to build their own practice.

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CSR Project: Artists in residence

Welcome our brand NEW artists Eleanor Sidonie Bultitude,
Michael Cull and Terry Wood - Plus new works from Bev Jones
See more below...

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New Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims

On 1 October 2017, the Pre-action Protocol for Debt Claims came into force, which may have a potentially large impact on businesses owed monies by individuals.

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Leasehold loopholes to look out for

The subject of the UK’s ‘housing crisis’ is a firm favourite with the British press, and the media’s current scrutiny of ‘all matters housing’ has recently thrown a fairly obscure property law, intended to protect homeowners, into the spotlight.

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A new class of limited partnership for private funds

The Private Fund Limited Partnership (PFLP) is a new sub-category of limited partnership which came into existence earlier this year. It aims to reduce financial and administrative burdens on general partners/managers as well as providing greater legal certainty for limited partners.

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

When thinking of making a will, the idea of a Victorian lawyer taking down the last instructions at the bedside still springs to mind for many people.

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The “Gig Economy” what does it mean?

The gig economy continues to make headlines but why and what does it mean?

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Sexual harassment in the workplace: What the law says

Statistics published by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission show that sexual harassment continues to be a significant problem in the workplace.

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The Data Protection Bill: How will it affect

How safe is your customers’ data? Are you managing their information responsibly, and, more importantly, correctly in the eyes of the law?

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Mid Brexit: One man’s view

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Tenant alterations

During the term of your lease, you may find that your property requirements change and that you need to make alterations to your premises, whether internal, external or structural. If you find yourself in this situation, one of the first things you must consider (in addition to any planning and statutory requirements) are the terms of your lease.

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Getting it right to grow the spirit of enterprise

Enthusiasm for small enterprise is seeing increasing numbers trying to make it as entrepreneurs and inventors, whether alongside the day job, bringing up children, or even school/work.

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